Egon Holdings

Laser Focus

We have three operating entities with one distinct goal: progress.

Whether it’s progress in addiction recovery, therapy, or real estate propositions, we are the inclination.

Our Holdings

Millions in annual revenue is nice, but our ultimate possession is progress. With our singular focus on true value- lives rebuilt, families reformed, and relationships created, we are a unique capital venture. We take pride in doing what’s good and capitalize on the growth.

With Close to 80 beds of high accountability, sober living facilities sprinkled throughout Dallas-Ft. Worth, Real Deal is the best choice for finding long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Owning multiple properties throughout DFW, our objective is to partner with like-minded companies who envision a better life for all consumers. 

An outpatient rehabilitation center, Real Deal Therapy & Wellness is the premier place in Dallas to find clinical support, community, and life-long recovery.

We save lives while increasing profitability.